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Surface Preparation

Poor surface preparation is the leading cause of all coatings and linings failures. QAIC performs the most effective surface preparation for every substrate encountered on any industrial coatings project. QAIC will achieve the challenging standards as required by the Society of Protective Coatings (SSPC) and NACE International.

​​White SSPC-SP-5 (NACE 1) or Near White SSPC-SP-10(NACE 2)

For immersion “wet” surfaces. This blasted connection area deep inside the ground storage tank in Hoopeston, Illinois  was photographed upon an unannounced inspection by our client.

Commercial Abrasive Blast SSPC-SP-6 (NACE 3)

For exterior steel. This commercial blast was performed on an extremely difficult area, lattice work on the Hoopeston, Illinois elevated water tank.

Brush off Blasting SSPC SP-7(NACE 4)

For areas that do not need complete removal. Intercoat delamination was a problem on the Charleston Water Tank project and QAIC workers were able to strip away defective paint from the finish coat before applying  an overcoating of the tank surface.

“Wet Abrasive Blast” SSPC-SP and NACE –WJ 1-4

With a corrosion inhibitor and an abrasive/water mixture to resolve air contamination issues of dust emissions and still achieve the abrasive blast.

Water cleaning with only water (5000 psi) SSPC WJ 1-4

To achieve surface cleanliness. QAIC over-coated several large ground storage tanks for the Rend Cake Conservatory after performing water cleaning. Here is one tank after 6 years of exposures.

Power tool cleaning SSPC – SP – 3

With or without dust collection. The Ameren Power Plant Project: Removal of lead paint with power grinders using stripping pads, x-coarse sand abrasive pads, and our Roto Peen Tool using special metal discs.

​​SSPC – SP – 13 Concrete Surface Prep, Vienna, Missouri

QAIC blasted the surfaces of the Vienna, Missouri Underground Concrete water tank before applying a hybrid polyurethane elastomeric liner at 60 mils DFT.

Concrete Floor Grinding SSPC – SP – 13

This concrete surface was ground to a CSP (Concrete Surface Preparation) level 4-5 before a Novolac Epoxy Lining was applied at 60 mils to the this floor area at the Dynergy Plant.

Vacuum Cleaning

Our Hurricane 500 HT Vacuum is constantly in use by QAIC personnel to ensure proper surface cleanliness. The Lewis and Clark College Lead Abatement Project required the use of our vacuum with a Hepa filter installed for capturing minute particulates.

​​Chloride Testing

QAIC can check your surface for chlorides, sulfates, and other salts before recoating. Chloride testing was performed on this project at Dynergy Power.

Anchor Profile

Our surfaces are always checked for surface profile and documented on our daily inspection report. QAIC workers perform anchor profile testing using Tes-Tex Tape and a micrometer to make sure the anchor pattern of 2 mils to 3 mils is achieved on this project at the Nashville Illinois Water Treatment Plant.