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Consultation, Inspection, and Training

Industrial structures are very important assets that generate profits for owners and services to many of our countries citizens.  Owners, engineers, managers, and contractors are constantly involved in looking for means and methods to protect these assets. The corrosion of substrates is an ongoing dilemma that demands the most professional and experienced people to identify and control the corrosion process.

Today, stringent governmental regulations regarding environmental protection and worker safety have increased the need for coatings experts.

A coatings expert can guide an owner or engineer through the process of stopping corrosion or renewing the appearance of their structure using protective industrial coatings.

QAIC is in a unique position to provide this service at very affordable costs. Having the entire coating project under the watchful eye of a QAIC professional ensures each step in a coating project is performed correctly and effectively. If each step, or as we call it “hold points”, are completed per proper NACE and SSPC standards then the entire project becomes a success.

Do you need a coatings expert?

QAIC can perform:

  • Coating Surveys to assess your structure and develop budgets

  • Coating Specification Writing

  • Surface Contamination Testing

  • Inspection during Coating Project

  • Anchor profile of your substrate

  • Dry film thickness checks of your coatings

  • Tooke Gauge Testing to see inside of your coating system

  • Pinhole Detection utilizing industry detection methods

  • Failure Analysis to determine the cause of your coating system failures

  • Testing during or after project