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About Us

Quality Assured Industrial Coatings provides several services for the successful application of paints and coatings

Beth Johnes is the owner and maintains complete control of the total operation of the company.

Tim Johnes, Vice President, has 43 years’ experience in the paint and coatings industry. Tim has worked in almost every aspect of the industry from the manufacturing side of the fence to the field applications where the final product is applied.

Please look over our complete website, including our services, and contact us so that we can help you in your paint and coasting endeavors.

Tim Johnes, Quality Control Manager, teaching students to become paint inspectors. Click here for more information

Since 1978, Tim has applied himself intensely to become one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry. Tim has always sought out and gleaned out as much information from every position he has worked in. This goal has been and still is to learn all the intricate details of anything to do with paint an coatings and be able to either apply this knowledge himself on the job or teach it to those who what to become a professional in this industry. This passion and integrity has taken place throughout his career always with the mindset of helping the customer solve their problem.

Our Mission

It is the policy and goal of QAIC to provide painting, protective coatings, and related services to the highest quality requirements of industry standards (NACE International and SSPC) and meet or exceed all of our customers requirements and specifications. Safety enforcement is given the greatest importance to the proper execution of all projects and is given the highest priority.